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Jenny runs alone for Race for Life

by Herm, Tuesday 29 July 2014 11:02

Jenny doing Cancer Research UK 10km run

On an overcast evening in July after a busy day at work in the Shell beach cafes, Jenny Charnley set out for a 10 km run around Herm.  Jenny has returned to Herm for a second season of work in the beach cafes but first came to Herm on holiday with her family in 2002.  She returned 10 years later to complete the residential section of her gold Duke of Edinburgh award when she worked alongside the Herm gardeners.  Jenny had probably heard lots about working on Herm as her parents met here in 1985 when they were both doing seasonal work.  They are returning soon for a holiday and to visit their daughter.

Jenny has just finished the second year of a Sport, Health & Exercise Science degree at Bangor University so whilst she is working on Herm keeps fit by running and playing tennis, which is her preferred sport.  Friends had asked her to join them to make up a team to enter a 10 km Race for Life event, raising money for Cancer Research UK.  As Jenny would be on Herm at the time she decided that she could still raise some money and run the event around Herm.  After a busy Saturday in the cafes Jenny set off on a figure of eight route around the island and completed the distance in just over 1 hour, a speedy time considering the terrain and that it was probably nearer 11 km and that she did the run on her own.  Well done to Jenny.  So far she has raised £110 for Cancer Research UK.  If you would like to donate follow the Just Giving link below.


There is a team of five who look after the Herm beach cafes, managed by Helena Rowe who has been the face of Belvoir and Shell for 17 summer seasons.  This year Helena, who is originally from Salford is joined by fellow Mancunians, Elouise Barton, from Oldham and Jenny who is from Rochdale.  The other two beach cafe girls are Beth Henderson who is half-way through a jewellery and metal design degree and comes from John O’Groats and Stacey Canning who is also from Scotland.

Helena is in charge of the Herm beach cafes for another season and looks forward to catching up with regular holidaymakers and meeting new onesJenny and Beth at work at Shell Beach CafeEl at Belvoir Beach Cafe

Bevloir cafe 28 July 2014 (3)Shell cafe 28 July 2014 (1)

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Keep Herm Tidy

by Herm, Wednesday 23 July 2014 18:06

ThomasHermites do a litter pick after a busy Sunday








A simple message from 4 year old Thomas Kent who came to stay on Herm earlier this year, ‘Please don’t leave litter’.  At a quick glance Herm would appear litter free but if you begin to look closer you soon notice ends of sweet wrappers, bottle tops, tissues and bus tickets on the ground and the occasional bottle, cup or can thrown into the hedgerow.  However, the most frequently item which is discarded is cigarette ends.

It is hoped that by displaying ‘Keep Herm Tidy’ posters designed by children that visitors will think twice about dropping litter and be careful about what falls out of their pockets.  Children staying in the holiday cottages over the winter and spring months were asked to design the posters, a good activity for those days when the weather wasn’t always so good for getting out and about.

The album below shows the posters which have been or are currently displayed around the island.  More ‘Keep Herm Tidy’ posters will be gratefully received.  If you come to stay on Herm and would like to get creative then please use bright colours on A5 or A4 paper.  Please hand in your poster to hotel reception or the reservations office with your name and email address written on the back. 

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Herm School Summer Fete

by Herm, Friday 18 July 2014 20:48

Eden with a facepainting done by Juliet

Just over £1000 was raised at this year’s annual Herm school summer fete.  The sun shone all day and the hedging by the harbour was high enough to shelter the various stalls from the westerly wind.

Hermites had been busy baking and the cake stall was laden with delicious cup cakes, cookies, cakes and loaves.  Visitors who had arrived on Herm on the morning boats were tempted by the smell of sizzling burgers and hot dogs and the sight of the cake stall.  The tombola always draws a crowd and it’s worth buying a few raffle tickets as the range of prizes was excellent.

The money that is raised goes towards extra curricular activities for the Herm school children and equipment for the school which may not be covered in the budget.

Thank you to everyone who supported the event either by donating their time to help, by spending money or by donating prizes for the raffle.


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Herm’s hotel porter is happy!

by Herm, Monday 14 July 2014 09:15

New multi-purpose vehicle

Have you been to Herm recently?  If you haven’t yet had your annual visit or you just get your fix of Herm by visiting the web pages then you probably won’t be aware that the hotel porter has a new vehicle.  Herm has taken delivery of a Kawasaki ‘mule’, a vehicle that can be converted from a 3-seater to a 6-seater at the flick of a few switches. In the main it will be used for transporting luggage but on occasions when guests arrive and find the walk from Rosaire Steps to Herm harbour too difficult they will be able to book transport. 

Michael Pretorius is the porter for The White House Hotel, known to most as ToTo or Mikey.  If the name is familiar to you it’s because it is a job he has done several times before.  Last year he had a break from Herm and spent time in his homeland of South Africa. 

Although the sun was shining on the day this photo was taken it won’t always be like that.  Mikey will be pleased to have a bit of protection from the elements!

Please note:  if you do require transport on arrival in Herm it must be pre-booked by calling the reservations office,  01481 750000

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Belvoir to Shell Beach

by Herm, Thursday 10 July 2014 18:10

Some of the shells that Shell beach is famous for

Have you ever walked on the sand between Belvoir and Shell Beach?  It’s not something you can do very often as the low tide needs to be less than 1.0 metres.  This happens around the time of the full moon so if your visit to Herm coincides with this check the tide table.  The very low tide uncovers different seaweeds and shells and no matter how old you are it’s always a delight to find something different. 

Why not take on the challenge of finding and identifying all the shells featured in the book, ‘Fifty Sea Shells from Herm Island’, written by Jill S. Kendrick in 1969, who lived and worked in Herm at that time.

The photos below were taken on a beautiful sunny day but it’s just as good on a blustery day, just make sure you’re prepared for the weather.  And don’t forget to keep an eye on the time and know what time low tide is. 


Dates this summer when the tide should be low enough to do the walk between the beaches are below.  However, this all depends on the atmospheric pressure, so please take and make sure you start walking around while the tide is still going down.

Sunday 13th July:            Low tide  14:21       1.0 metre
Monday 14th July:          Low tide  15:09      0.8 metre
Tuesday 15th July:          Low tide 15:54       0.8 metre

Monday 11th Aug:          Low tide  14:08      0.8 metre
Tuesday 12th Aug:          Low tide  14:55     0.5 metre
Wednesday 13th Aug:   Low tide 15:39     0.5 metre
Thursday 14th Aug:        Low tide 16:20      0.8 metre

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Herm School Summer Concert

by Herm, Tuesday 8 July 2014 06:46

Herm school with their certificates and school prizes

You know when it’s getting towards the end of the summer term when you hear singing and music coming from Herm School as they rehearse for the concert.  Out of school hours the children could still be heard practising the songs and this year I found myself joining in too.  As a child of the 1960s a lot of what they were singing was familiar to me.  A bit strange to think that in my fifties my era is being studied at school! 

The village hall was full of proud parents, islanders and guests and we were kept entertained throughout by the school children who were a variety of characters from the 1960s apart from Eden Latter who played Puck.  As the Herm school children have studied Shakespeare for many years one of his characters had to feature somewhere!

The audience were taken to various rooms from Fanny Cradock to Dr Who to a Toy Room where we learnt about what went on in that department in the 1960s.  Do you remember Etch-a-Sketch and Scalextric or Black Jack sweets?  And what about Fanny Cradock the television cook?  We were reminded about Englands success in the 1966 football World Cup and about the children’s TV programme The Herbs. 

Thank you to Herm School children and their teacher Mrs. Mary Carey for a lovely afternoon of entertainment.  Thank you also to Mrs. Rachel Wright who put the music together at the start of rehearsals and then returned for the concert to provide keyboard backing for the children to sing to.


Welcome to the 60s (or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory part 2) – Cast:

Puck, Eden Latter
Lulu, India Waterhouse
Sandie Shaw, Sasha Jones
Charlie Bucket, Ryan Jones
Willy Wonka & Doctor Who, Brandon Hastings
Violet Beauregarde, Ffion Dobson-Jones
Fanny Cradock, Emy Hastings
Constable Knapweed, Harry Moore
Bob Dylan, Ethan Dyer
Head Oompa Loompa, Albie Waterhouse
Parsley the Lion, Charlie Jones
Oompa Loompa, Oscar Nicholls

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Seeing double

by Herm, Thursday 3 July 2014 06:08

Dawn and Rosie June 2014 (1)

Herm’s assistant gardener Roseanne Wheeler enjoys it when her identical twin Dawn comes to stay and they can have a bit of fun misleading people, something they often did when they were younger.  Dawn lives in Sussex so they don’t see each other as regularly as they would like but always enjoy a catch-up when they are together.  When they are side-by-side you can see that they are slightly different but when Dawn visits Herm she is often mistaken for Rosie, even by those who know she has an identical twin!

They have both taken different career paths but both have a creative side:  Rosie studied garden design while Dawn studied jewellery design so one way of telling them apart now may be by their hands!

So if you ever chat to Rosie and she doesn’t seem to recognise you you now know why, Dawn could be visiting.

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Lord’s Taverners Herm cricket match 2014

by Herm, Monday 30 June 2014 06:03

Cricket playing in action (1)

Where else can you get such a fantastic view of the cricket but from Herm?  The sun shone for the fourth annual charity cricket match and despite a little bit of a breeze the sun had enough warmth in it to ensure the spectators a pleasant afternoon in the sunshine.  Four hundred invited guests enjoyed a seafood lunch in the marquee and many more took the opportunity for a family day out to Herm and  sat around the boundary rope to watch the cricket.

Between the cricket there was a long lunch break and time to start the auction with a variety of items being sold ranging from a cartoon by Bill Tidy who was one of the invited guests to a motorised buggy (see photos) to a holiday in the South of France.  In previous years at least £50,000 has been raised for the Lord’s Taverners, ‘Giving Youngsters a Sporting Chance’.

Herm is getting used to hosting so many celebrities on one day but the children still enjoyed running up to them to ask for autographs.  This year’s line-up of celebrities included Lorraine Chase, Toyah Wilcox, Chris Tarrant and Bobby Davro plus some Eastenders actors including Ricky Groves, Cliff Parisi and John Altman.  Former England cricket players Andy Caddick and Duncan Bell dusted off their whites and joined in the fun. 

As far as the Herm children are concerned the biggest celebrity of the day was PC Robbie Dover from Guernsey.  He is the point of call for the three Herm Special Constables and has visited Herm on a number of occasions.  The Herm children have had the chance to get to know him and build up a relationship with him which they all enjoy.  It was like watching the Pied Piper when Robbie walked around the cricket field with the children following behind him!

Karl Ginniver embraced the challenge of providing lunch to four hundred guests in a marquee in the middle of a field.  It’s only four weeks since he took over the role of head chef of the White House Hotel but his ex boss, Nigel Waylen who worked on the previous Lord’s Taverners lunches came to help him with the day to ensure all ran smoothly.


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School camping in Herm

by Herm, Friday 27 June 2014 16:56

Hautes Capelles year 6 camping trip to Herm June 2014It’s the time of year when large groups of happy school children can be heard around Herm.  Some of them come across the Little Russel for the day for study trips or a fun day out but others come for a bit longer and use the Herm equipped tents and stay for a couple of nights.

Year six students from Hautes Capelle Primary School camped on Herm for the first time this year.  In previous years they have taken the year group to stay in the house on Lihou but have always had to take the children in separate classes rather than one year group as the Lihou house isn’t large enough to accommodate the whole year group at once.  Using the Herm tents meant that they could bring almost sixty 10 and 11 year old children.  It is a time when the children can enjoy some fun time together before moving onto different senior schools in September and to gain some independence with being away from home.  For 11 year-old Alex it was his first visit to Herm and he said that it was good to come to the island to enjoy the nature and the freedom of camping.  For one of the girls the best part of the day was ‘finally getting to see the tents after walking up the massive hill’ having been excited about the trip to Herm for so long. 

I took the opportunity to visit the children while they were having some ‘down’ time between a  busy day of activities and going to The Mermaid for an evening meal.  Several of them were practising for the talent show to be held later that evening.  Sam kept his friends and me entertained with a magic show.  I was very impressed with his tricks and I don’t know how he guessed which card I had chosen!  Some of the girls were practising a gym and dance routine while others were just happy to sit and chat.  Meanwhile the teachers were on duty the entire time making sure the children were getting ready for the walk down to the Mermaid, that the correct medication was taken by the right child, that they kept out of the sun as much as possible, that they had had enough to drink etc.  I’m not sure who was going to return to Guernsey the most exhausted, the children or the teachers.  The teachers had put in a huge effort to ensure that the children were kept entertained and fed and watered throughout their three days on Herm.  There’s no doubt though that the children will always remember their year 6 camping trip to Herm:  the pasta meal that the teachers cooked for them, sitting outside the tent for breakfast,  playing volleyball, photograph treasure hunt, sea swimming, den building, cricket, designing tent flags to name just a few of the activities that the children did.  All this and NO rain. 


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The longest day 2014

by Herm, Saturday 21 June 2014 17:06

West coast of Herm looking towards Guernsey  just before sunrise  21st June 2014I could have joined 36,000 other people at Stonehenge to watch the sunrise on the longest day of 2014.  Instead I persuaded my daughter to get up at 4.30 am and we enjoyed a quiet hour together watching the sunrise from Le Grand Monceau.

As we walked along the Spine Road from the Manor Village towards the common we enjoyed listening to the dawn chorus which seemed to be welcoming us to the early morning.  It was very special sitting at the top of Le Grand Monceau waiting for the sun to come up.  Right on cue at 5.04 am a big red ball popped up but it wasn’t out for long before it went behind the clouds.  It was a case of blink and you missed it.

The 36,000 at Stonehenge were surrounded by pre-historic monuments but we were surrounded by Neolithic burial chambers, at least sixteen of them on the north part of Herm, five of which are on Le Grand Monceau.  Some things never change and residents of Herm who constructed the burial chambers 4000 to 5000 years ago will have been able to watch the sunrise too but one thing is for sure, they wouldn’t have enjoyed a hot cup of tea from a flask!

The photo of the sunset in the album below was taken from the same spot at the top of Le Grand Monceau on 20th June 2014 when the sun set at 9.20 pm.

Sunset on the longest day 21st June 2014  Taken from opposite the church

After a spell behind clouds the sun reappeared in time for visitors to enjoy a hot day on the Herm beaches and a beautiful sunset in the evening.


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